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Class of 2020 Scholarship Info

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Don’t forget to include these items in your application:

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of your PTA membership (copy of PTA membership card)
  • Copy of your transcript (non-official OK)
  • Descriptive essay (Approximately 250 words TYPED in MLA Format) outlining your PTA responsibilities and your career plans, goals, objectives and any other information you feel would be valuable to the selection committee
  • All of your school service-related activities including any service you provide to others in your school
  • Your volunteer service in the community
  • 1 completed reference form and letter, written specifically for this application (written by a community volunteer leader unrelated to you and with whom you volunteered; or written by a member of the high-school faculty)



From Ana Berjuega with

I wanted to share with you a resource that my team and I have recently published that I believe would be a great addition to all the information you have on your site. We are very excited as it has already picked up some media attention and interest from other publications and educational institution.

Most colleges and universities in California are incorporating online degree programs, with 36 that offer at least one Bachelor’s degree online. Knowing that students and families are faced with trying to figure out the best option for them, we created and focused our site and its resources to provide an investigative review of the online education landscape and to critically evaluate the increasingly popular online college rankings that are being touted on the internet.

Here are a few of the resources that I thought would be the most relevant and useful to you:

Ideally, we want students to be able to gain valuable insight into their education especially when it comes to online education, understanding tuition and financial aid options, as well as true cost vs. benefit.

As I had mentioned other educational institutions and organizations have cited our resource on their websites giving students, educators, and their families access to our resources. Examples include:

·  California Association for the Gifted,, listing us as “

·  Colfax Veterans,, listing us as “California Online Colleges: Best Accredited Schools

·  Connellsville Area School District,, listing us as “

Please let me know what you think. I thought this resource would serve as a wonderful addition and provide value for your homeschool network. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Ana Berjuega
244 5th Ave, Suite K267
New York, NY 10001